Sentinel: Hidden Codes

Sentinel: Hidden Codes


Eli, a brilliant hacker turned fugitive, finds himself trapped in a perilous cat-and-mouse game. With every digital trace serving as a potential death sentence, he is forced to navigate a treacherous world of conspiracy and corruption. As he delves deeper into the shadows, Eli confronts his inner demons and pushes his abilities to their limits. In a race against time, he battles for his freedom, knowing that one wrong move could seal his fate forever.

Amidst the chaos, we are introduced to Olivia, a visionary determined to revolutionise the cryptocurrency landscape. With Eli by her side, they embark on a daring mission that challenges the very foundations of the virtual realm. Their path intertwines with that of Emily, an unsuspecting user who becomes entangled in a complex web of events. As the virtual and real world collide, their destinies become intertwined, and they must navigate a landscape fraught with danger and deception.

Meanwhile, Task Force Kabukicho, a covert group of cybersecurity professionals, emerges on the scene. Driven by a relentless pursuit of justice, they are hot on the trail of a mysterious figure known as The_Baker. As their investigation unfolds, they unravel secrets that shake the core of the digital realm. Amidst the chaos, Wren and Jason, seeking solace from their tumultuous lives, find themselves drawn to the tranquillity of the natural world. Yet, the relentless grasp of cyberspace threatens to disrupt their newfound bond, leaving them to question if they can truly escape its clutches.

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July 2024

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Wren Fitzpatrick
A11ur3, Isabel Hughes Age: 27 Appearance: Wren Fitzpatrick is an enigma, embodying an aura of mystery and constant change. Her looks are not fixed, allowing her to blend seamlessly into any environment. Origin: Wren’s journey began in the serene coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia. Over the years, she has
Elias Fitzpatrick
Aliases Eclipse, Elijah_T Age: 25 Residence: Sydney, Australia Origin: Leadership in SystemShift: As the leader of the hacktivist group “SystemShift,” Elias, known as Eclipse, championed social justice and transparency. Under his leadership, the group targeted corporations involved in unethical practices like environmental destruction and human rights violations. His strategic
Elizabeth (Beth) Lawson
Age: 50 Residence: Washington D.C. Origin: General Elizabeth Lawson, a seasoned Air Force veteran and former Chief Information Officer at the Pentagon, was widowed at the age of 41 due to a tragic fighter jet crash that claimed her husband’s life. Physical Appearance: Beth is a tall and sturdy
Daniel Anderson
Age: 36 Residence: Washington D.C. Physical Appearance: Daniel has tousled black hair, sharp blue eyes, and a rugged beard. Standing at six-foot-three, he has an imposing presence. He wears glasses due to being far-sighted. Personality Traits: Despite an appearance that commands respect, Daniel often grapples with impostor syndrome, feeling
Evelyn Jacobs
Age: 42 Residence: Washington D.C. Physical Appearance: Evelyn is distinguished by her fiery red hair, cut in a stylish bob. Her pale, almost white, hazel eyes are striking. Personality Traits: Evelyn has become jaded by bureaucracy and often exhibits cynicism about people’s intentions. Despite being underestimated, she consistently outperforms
Jason Hargrove
Aliases JJ0kes, Whisper Age: 26 Lifestyle: Leads a modest, austere nomadic lifestyle, living in a campervan. Appearance: * Average build and a style appearance that prioritises function and practicality over trends or fashion. * Dark brown eyes, slightly inset * European decent, curly brown hair Background: Grew up in Silicon Valley, amidst a
Timothy Granger
Age: 52 Timothy Granger is the Director of the FBI’s cybersecurity division, overseeing the team responsible for protecting the nation’s digital infrastructure. A seasoned veteran with decades of experience in law enforcement and national security, Granger is responsible for overseeing a team of highly skilled analysts, programmers, and forensic investigators.

Winter Wesson

Adrian McCronicle

Emily McCronicle

Benjamin Köhler

Michael Thompson

Sipho Mbatha

Vanessa Morales