Elias Fitzpatrick

Elias Fitzpatrick


Eclipse, Elijah_T

Age: 25

Residence: Sydney, Australia


Leadership in SystemShift: As the leader of the hacktivist group "SystemShift," Elias, known as Eclipse, championed social justice and transparency. Under his leadership, the group targeted corporations involved in unethical practices like environmental destruction and human rights violations. His strategic vision and charismatic leadership style propelled SystemShift to significant notoriety for their successful operations, which exposed corporate misdeeds and raised awareness of crucial social and environmental issues.

Personal Likes:

  • A fan of electronic music, Elias often finds solace and inspiration in its rhythmic beats.
  • He enjoys crazy parties, reflecting his outgoing and unrestrained personality.
  • His preference for a double shot flat white, no sugar, indicates a straightforward yet intense character.
  • Morning runs are a testament to his commitment to physical fitness and a disciplined lifestyle.

Personality and Skills:

  • Chaotic and Self-Centered: Elias is often perceived as chaotic and self-centered, traits that manifest in his approach to both personal and professional challenges.
  • Environmental Advocate: Despite his flaws, he is an unwavering advocate for environmental causes, dedicating much of his hacking endeavors to this passion.
  • Moderate Hacking Skills: His hacking skills are moderate, relying more on operational security and redundancy measures than on deep technical expertise.
  • Physical Fitness: Elias is fit and muscular, with a punk aesthetic that complements his rebellious and energetic nature.


  • Wren Fitzpatrick: Elias shares a complex relationship with his sister Wren. Their differing views and approaches to life and hacking create a dynamic interplay of sibling rivalry and mutual respect.
  • William 'Bill' Fitzpatrick: Elias' father, holds a special place in his life. Bill's admiration for Elias became particularly pronounced when Elias started coding at the age of 15. This early display of technical aptitude led Bill to almost worship his son, a dynamic that Elias has been known to exploit for his own benefit. This favored status in the family has been a source of contention, particularly with his sister, Wren.
  • Elizabeth 'Beth' Lawson: During her stay in Byron Bay, Beth's interactions with Elias were limited. As a teenager, Elias found most of her stories rather dull, being more engrossed in surfing, skating, and computers. Although Beth's presence in his life was not as impactful as it was for Wren, her occasional intriguing tales did provide a different perspective to the young, tech-enthused Elias.