Evelyn Jacobs

Evelyn Jacobs

Age: 42

Residence: Washington D.C.

Physical Appearance: Evelyn is distinguished by her fiery red hair, cut in a stylish bob. Her pale, almost white, hazel eyes are striking.

Personality Traits:

Evelyn has become jaded by bureaucracy and often exhibits cynicism about people's intentions. Despite being underestimated, she consistently outperforms expectations, impressing colleagues with her extensive knowledge.

Known for her proficiency as an analyst, she is seen as extremely smart, though the extent of her knowledge remains a mystery to many. She is responsible for maintaining the systems that display live feeds of potential threats on the screens lining the walls of the SOC.

She maintains a calm demeanor, not easily excitable or spirited. Evelyn excels in organizing tasks and people, expecting others to be as self-motivated and independent as she is.

Her approach to work reflects a strong sense of independence and self-motivation, setting high standards for herself and others.

Her daily meditation practice indicates a disciplined approach to maintaining mental clarity and focus, essential for her demanding role.

Personal Likes:

  • She enjoys lattes and pizza, simple pleasures.
  • Meditation with her eyes closed and headphones on.