Daniel Anderson

Daniel Anderson

Age: 36

Residence: Washington D.C.

Physical Appearance: Daniel has tousled black hair, sharp blue eyes, and a rugged beard. Standing at six-foot-three, he has an imposing presence. He wears glasses due to being far-sighted.

Personality Traits: Despite an appearance that commands respect, Daniel often grapples with impostor syndrome, feeling as though he never truly provides value. Nevertheless, he consistently meets goals and can be depended upon. He is quiet but neither timid nor unapproachable, often perceived as broody.

Daniel has a pet tabby cat named Whiskers, whom he adores.

He attended MIT, where he earned a PhD in Computer Science.

Daniel is employed at the Department of Cybersecurity. He holds the position of Senior Cybersecurity Specialist. Daniel's commitment to his work in cybersecurity is evident in his achievements and the respect he garners in his field. Despite his professional success, Daniel maintains a private life, cherishing simple pleasures like his relationship with his mother and his cat,


  • Mother: Daniel shares a close and caring relationship with his mother, who lives in Oregon. Their bond is marked by regular phone calls every Tuesday, demonstrating his commitment to family despite the demands of his professional life. His mother's simple pleasures, like her knitting club and caring for Whiskers, offer Daniel a connection to a peaceful, domestic life outside his high-stakes career.