Jason Hargrove

Jason Hargrove


JJ0kes, Whisper

Age: 26

Lifestyle: Leads a modest, austere nomadic lifestyle, living in a campervan.


  • Average build and a style appearance that prioritises function and practicality over trends or fashion.
  • Dark brown eyes, slightly inset
  • European decent, curly brown hair


Grew up in Silicon Valley, amidst a culture of innovation and digital exploration. Attended Stanford University but dropped out in his sophomore year, self-taught in the areas of cybersecurity and hacking. Convicted for network intrusions 5 years ago, caught by a team led by Beth during an intrusion into their monitored systems. Agreed to work for the government to avoid jail time, specifically under Beth’s direction. Recently completed 5 years of community service obligations.


  • Introverted and focused, with a propensity for deep thinking and problem-solving.
  • Highly ethical but adheres to his own moral code, especially in regards to cyberspace.
  • Known for being observant, often catching details and angles others miss.
  • Despite his reserved nature, he shows a deep care for people in his life, hinting at a strong, albeit selective, sense of loyalty and empathy.


  • Father: Computer Engineer, likely instilled early interest in technology.
  • Mother: High School Mathematics Teacher, potentially influenced his analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Maintains a professional and possibly mentor-mentee relationship with Beth.