Elizabeth (Beth) Lawson

Elizabeth (Beth) Lawson

Age: 50

Residence: Washington D.C.

Origin: General Elizabeth Lawson, a seasoned Air Force veteran and former Chief Information Officer at the Pentagon, was widowed at the age of 41 due to a tragic fighter jet crash that claimed her husband's life.

Physical Appearance: Beth is a tall and sturdy figure with an iron-gray bun. Her piercing green, hazel eyes, fiercely shaped, convey a sense of determination and authority. Noticeable eye wrinkles add to her distinguished appearance.

Uniform and Medals: She is often seen in her impeccably tailored uniform, adorned with a string of medals that testify to her distinguished military career.

Personality Traits:

  • Beth is known for her unwavering commitment to mission integrity and duty.
  • She is deeply obsessed with her work, dedicating her life to national security and defence.
  • In her professional circle, she is revered as a force of nature, embodying strength and resilience.
  • Beth's career and personal journey have made her an influential figure in military and defence circles. Her commitment to duty, coupled with her personal resilience in facing life's challenges, have earned her the respect and admiration of her peers and subordinates.
  • Her stories and experiences continue to inspire those around her, serving as a guiding force for the next generation of military leaders.

Personal Likes:

  • Sharing Stories: Beth enjoys sharing anecdotes and stories from her days in the Air Force, offering insights into her experiences and the lessons she learned.
  • Black Coffee: Her preference for black coffee is a simple yet telling detail, reflecting her straightforward and no-nonsense approach to life.


  • Timothy Granger: Beth shares an unlikely yet profound friendship with Granger. Their bond, forged in high-stakes national security crises, is a testament to their shared experiences and mutual respect.
  • Bill Fitzpatrick: Beth's brother, Bill Fitzpatrick, shares a deep familial bond with her. The siblings have supported each other through various life events, including the tragic loss of Beth's husband. Their relationship is characterized by mutual respect and a shared history that has seen them through both joyous and challenging times.
  • Wren and Elias Fitzpatrick: Beth's niece and nephew, Wren and Elias, have had different levels of interaction with her. While her relationship with Elias was limited during her stay in Byron Bay, primarily confined to family gatherings, her bond with Wren was more substantial. Beth's stories and experiences, especially from her military career, have been a source of intrigue and inspiration for Wren.
  • Markus Lawson: Beth's son, Markus, represents a pivotal aspect of her life. As a freelancer journalist and the primary caregiver for his young daughter, Sara, Markus embodies the values of responsibility and resilience that he likely inherited from Beth.
  • Adriana Lawson: Beth's daughter-in-law, married to Markus. Her demanding job and frequent travels have shaped the family dynamics, with Beth respecting and supporting her career.
  • Sara Lawson: Beth's granddaughter, the one-year-old daughter of Markus and Adriana. Beth's role as a grandmother to Sara adds a new dimension to her life, likely bringing her immense joy and a sense of continuity.
  • Salford Lawson: Beth's late husband, Chief Master Sergeant Salford Lawson, was a key figure in her life. His untimely passing in a fighter jet accident profoundly impacted Beth, shaping her personal and professional journey. Salford's military service and his role as a pilot undoubtedly influenced Beth's values and her approach to life and duty.