Wren Fitzpatrick

Wren Fitzpatrick


A11ur3, Isabel Hughes

Age: 27

Appearance: Wren Fitzpatrick is an enigma, embodying an aura of mystery and constant change. Her looks are not fixed, allowing her to blend seamlessly into any environment.

Origin: Wren's journey began in the serene coastal town of Byron Bay, Australia. Over the years, she has woven a tapestry of experiences across the globe, spending significant time in London and traversing various countries across Asia, India, Europe, the Caribbean, and South America.

Personality: Charismatic and engaging, Wren has a magnetic pull that draws people towards her. She is known for her nimbleness, athleticism, and decisiveness. Her ability to negotiate and talk her way through complex situations is unparalleled. However, Wren is not always driven by logic, which often leads her into unexpected challenges and adventures.

  • Expertise in Cons: Wren approaches her cons with remarkable precision and skill, reflecting a high level of expertise in the cybersecurity field of social engineering.
  • Unpredictability: Her methods are unpredictable, leaving pursuers bewildered and often steps behind, if they even suspect her at all.
  • Cultural Knowledge: Her extensive travels have endowed her with a deep understanding of various cultures and regions, the way people behave or act in certain ways based on heritage, customs, and social environments.
  • Mentorship: Wren was mentored by Mason, a white-hat hacker and part-time pizza boy, who honed her ethical hacking skills as a teenager - but abandoned unexpectedly.
  • Influence: Her brother Elias, a prominent figure in the world of hacktivism, influenced her towards black-hat techniques of social engineering. They drifted apart due to Eli's erratic decisions, unreasonable obsessions, and attracting unwanted attention.


Wren, a beautiful and bohemian spirit, finds solace in nature and has an obsession with online social interactions. Her skills as a mentalist and social engineer are complemented by moderate technical hacking abilities. She navigates the ethical tightrope, often employing illegal methods to achieve altruistic goals. Her past is marked by a series of profitable but unethical hacks, highlighting a journey of moral complexity.

Wren's ethical stance is extremely complex. While her goals often aim to benefit others, they have been pure selfishness enough that this is often overlooked. Her methods frequently cross into the realm of illegality, when she believes there will be no repercussions. This dichotomy defines her as a character who constantly walks the line between right and wrong holding a compass built with her own sense of morality.


  • Elias Fitzpatrick: Her younger brother and influential figure in her life.
  • Mason Banesworth: Her mentor in the world of ethical hacking, Mason significantly shaped Wren's skills and perspectives.
  • Elizabeth 'Beth' Lawson: Aunt Beth, Wren's paternal aunt, has been a vital figure in her life. Married to an American, Salford Lawson, Beth relocated to Washington D.C. many years before Wren was born. Following Salford's death when Wren was 16, Beth spent a few significant years with Wren and her father, Bill Fitzpatrick, in Australia. This period allowed Wren to forge a close bond with her aunt before Beth returned to her career in the U.S. Beth's presence during Wren's formative years added a layer of familial support and perspective, influencing Wren's world view and personal values.
  • William 'Bill' Fitzpatrick: Wren's father, manages a franchise convenience store in Parramatta. Known for his hard work and dedication, Bill's relationship with Wren is strained, particularly due to their conflicting views on Eli. Their last encounter was marked by an argument about Eli, whom Bill evidently favors. Wren perceives this favoritism as the reason for Eli's unchanging, bratty behavior into adulthood.