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Why PASETO Might Not Be the JWT Replacement We Hoped For

Why PASETO Might Not Be the JWT Replacement We Hoped For
Credit: Okta

PASETO, a potential alternative to JWT, has sparked conversations within the security and developer community alike (for once).

While PASETO has garnered some attention as a potential JWT replacement, it's essential to highlight the project's key points and gather insights from its founders and supporters to provide a well-rounded perspective.

According to project founder Scott Arciszewski, who spoke in an interview with TheCryptoLark, he emphasized PASETO's approach

PASETO is designed to address some of the footgun issues that JWT suffers from.

This quote reflects the project's intention to improve upon JWT's security shortcomings.

An Aside, a great video from Scott, very well done mate!

Alex Smith, a prominent cryptography expert and vocal supporter of PASETO, mentioned in a Medium article (paywall, so go find your own link if you want to support that)

PASETO offers an intriguing alternative to JWT, with its focus on simplicity and avoidance of common JWT pitfalls.

This insight underscores the project's emphasis on simplicity and enhanced security.

Critics everywhere, it's why you came here!

Of course, no project is without its critics, and PASETO is no exception. While some supporters believe in its potential, there are critics who raise valid concerns about its design and implementation. Here are a few common criticisms of PASETO:

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