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Sentinel: Hackers Trail | Chapter teasers

Every chapter of the book includes a Limerick, Naani Poem, Quatrain, or Proverb - at the start, can you decipher the story from them?
Sentinel: Hackers Trail | Chapter teasers
original DALL-E concept for the cover design
Sentinel: Hackers Trail
Synopsis When a mysterious online persona emerges, wreaking havoc in the digital realm, an American team of experts try uncover the truth behind the chaos. Led by the brilliant Evelyn Jacobs, Her leadership is unwavering, driven by a passion to bring justice to a world increasingly shaped by technology’s unseen

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Every chapter of the book includes a Limerick, Naani Poem, Quatrain, or Proverb - at the start, can you decipher the story from them?

Prologue – Elias

Bytes dance at midnight,

crackling truth's fragile shell—

hidden secrets shatter,

cyber ripples stir.

Chapter 1 – Daniel

"AI, like the moon's guiding light, reveals paths hidden in darkness but demands we tread carefully, for its brilliance can just as easily lead us astray."

Chapter 2 – Jason

"Even whispers of doubt are drowned out by the roar of your own capability."

Chapter 3 - Wren

Whispers of intuition guide, 

delicate yet fierce in stride. 

Her strength lies deep within— 

subtle power, often unseen.

Chapter 4 – Jason

In the lab where the code cascades,

Jason plots where the data invades.

With a tap and a hum,

Through the cyberspace he'll roam,

Guarding secrets where the dark shade fades.

Chapter 5 – Evelyn

Evelyn stands, her wisdom deep,

In shadows cast, her insights seep.

Underestimated by those she guides—

Strength unwavering, where truth resides.

Chapter 6 - Wren

"In a world of data and deception, the most elusive secrets are often hidden in plain sight."

Chapter 7 – Elias

"There are two things I love in this world: the thrill of hacking into forbidden networks and the serene beauty of untouched nature."

Chapter 8 – Daniel

In the glow of screens, we chase the digital ghost,

ElijahT's path weaves, a perplexing, elusive host.

From breadcrumbs scattered to secrets veiled in night,

Our united minds strive to bring the truth to light.

Chapter 9 – Elias

I scanned all the ports in a day,

Found TelMob with secrets to play.

My exploits were slick,

Like a magician's quick trick,

While Vor made the FBI sway.

Chapter 10 – Jason

"Even in moments of uncertainty, there's always the potential for a breakthrough waiting to be discovered."

Chapter 11 – Daniel

In our office where the code flows wide and far,

Jason dreams of AI, reaching for the stars.

But when leaks spring, and plans get tight,

He shrugs and quips, "Guess I'm coding all night!"

Chapter 12 - Wren

In shadowed rooms, by flickering screens,

Wren the enigma, a hacker unseen.

By day mild-mannered, by night reborn,

A digital phantom, with secrets sworn.

Chapter 13 – Elias

Hacked past bridges, burnt,

Ego flames, a need to prove.

Charisma's mask, will it mend?

Family's hope, a silent move.

Chapter 14 – Evelyn

The FBI team, in a state of unrest,

By a phantom named ElijahT were beset.

With trails running cold,

And secrets untold,

They chased shadows with cunning and sweat.

Chapter 15 - Wren

In quiet cafes, plans take flight,

A disgruntled mind sees wrongs to right.

With digital art and cunning schemes,

They break the silence, chase their dreams.

Chapter 16 – Elias

WestHavok's call, a beacon so bright,

Chaos for good, a fight for what's right.

Infographics sharp, a visual plea,

Exposing the truth, for the world to see.

Chapter 17 – Daniel

A team chased a hacker named ElijahT,

Whose skills caused a feeling quite weighty.

Defeated they slumped,

Then a new prospect pumped,

Hope flickering amidst the dismay.

Chapter 18 – Jason

In code and lab, creation hums,

A symphony of minds as one.

AI and human, knowledge chums,

A future bright, by innovation won.

Chapter 19 – Elizabeth

Then, vanished like smoke, a puff of air,

Leaving frustration, a heavy despair.

Back at the office, the team in dismay,

ElijahT's taunts, leading us astray.

Chapter 20 – Evelyn

There once was a leader named Eve,

Whose team chased a hacker named Steve.

With a consultant new,

And some fresh points of view,

They cracked cryptic clues with a weave.

Chapter 21 – Elizabeth

"The decisions which are out of my hands, weigh heavily on me, a stark reminder of the constant fight for survival that overshadows every accomplishment."

Chapter 22 - Wren

In shadows deep, beneath the moon's soft glow,

A mission born of secrets, truths to show.

Where alliances falter, old wounds aglow,

Through tangled paths, our destinies shall flow.

Chapter 23 – Jason

In a world of shadows, we met,

Where secrets and dangers were set.

Though her path he'd traced,

She chose to embrace,

Their friendship, and may regret.

Chapter 24 – Elias

In shadows deep, where secrets hide,

Two minds entwined, their paths divide.

Through riddles told, their truths confide,

In woven tales, their fates reside.

Chapter 25 – Jason

I am the whisper in the quiet park, where pages turn and minds embark.

In the room where secrets lie, where connections hide and truths imply.

I watched as eyes flickered away, from a name spoken with subtle sway.

A missing link, a hidden thread, in the words left unsaid.

Chapter 26 – Evelyn

"In the labyrinth of complexity, the calm mind finds clarity like a river carving its path through stone."

Chapter 27 – Elizabeth

Through hard times and strife,

I forge ahead with my life.

In training, I find my way,

Through loneliness, I find my stay.

Chapter 28 - Wren

In the hush before the storm's embrace,

Anticipation hums, a silent race.

In corridors familiar, hearts await,

For whispers of change to seal their fate.

Chapter 29 – Daniel

In the office's routine, so plain,

Monotony's dull, never wane.

But when disasters collide,

And secrets no longer hide,

Change disrupts, leaving only strain.

Chapter 30 – Elias

Through Sydney's streets, a thrilling chase,

As Eli dodges, quickens his pace.

Suits in pursuit, the hacker's trail,

A game of cat and mouse, without fail.

Epilogue - Winter

In Sydney's web, secrets take flight,

Winter's alerts pierce Eli's night.

His cause takes a pause, his coins now in play,

While crypto's true code, in her app, HODL or pay.

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